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Three Mountain Preludes

Composed 2016-2017




    I. Sun on the Susquehanna | 4'

    II. Fog over Duncannon | 3'30"

    III. Flat Rock Vista | 5'30"

    Total: 13'

Commissioned by

    James Anemone

Performed by

    James Anemone, piano

Program Notes

These three preludes comprise the first of my own music that I truly connected to on a spiritual and emotional level. It’s music that felt like it sprung from my own territory, my own experiences, and represented an honest reflection of my inner self. This is also, as of this writing, the music of mine that’s been the most performed in public, continually resonating years after their composition and premiere in West Chester, PA. The three preludes in this set are the slow movements from my Three Piano Sonatinas, written between the summer of 2016 and winter of 2017, and occupy that beautiful space between musical weight and technical approach. If I can play these pieces as an amateur pianist, then so can anyone, and it’s my hope that these pieces can meaningfully contribute to any vibrant home piano catalog as much as they have the concert hall.

A sincere thank you goes to pianist James Anemone for commissioning and championing the 3 sonatinas I’ve composed for him, with a special gratitude for his staggering musicianship and sincere friendship.


September 30 2020

Performance History


Joseph Foster Harkins


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