Rhapsody on Themes Old and New

Composed 2015





Duration 11'

Commissioned by

    Nathan Cooper, trombone


  • Rhapsody on Themes Old and New for trombone and piano
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  • NotePerformer3 Realization
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Program Notes

    The Rhapsody on Themes Old and New explores fresh takes on the relationship between folk ballads and jazz-inspired composition. A popular Southern folk ballad "The Wayfaring Stranger" is complemented by open, spacious harmonies that reflect the stranger's wide horizons, soon to be juxtaposed to a rolling and metrically unstable "new" theme, constructed using popular idioms and concepts. Initially the two are presented independently, but soon meet at the distant horizon, only to fall into the opening spaciousness of the world. Our wandering stranger has encountered the new world, and perhaps has rejected it, choosing to wander further - or, may accept the new world for what it has become. Do we become products of our environment, old or new? Do we choose to continue wandering?

    Rhapsody on Themes Old and New was commissioned by Nathan Cooper and composed with gratitude in the fall of 2015.


                                                                                                                                                                                                     - June 15 2019

Joseph Foster Harkins