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Fresh Inc Festival - June 2019


Barry Owes Large for violin - WORLD PREMIERE

    Holly Nelson, violin

    Date/Time: Friday November 20

Catoctin for flute

    Sarah Brady, flute

    Online Cortona Sessions for New Music - Premiere Concert

    Date/Time: 8:00PM Wednesday August 19

    Link to premiere:

Gentle Rainbows for flute

    Jessica Schury, flute

    Online Cortona Sessions for New Music - Iron Composer Concert

    Date/Time: 7:00PM Wednesday August 19


Seabird for violin and piano

    Eric Mrugala, violin | Eunjin Lee, piano

    Date/Time/Location: Spring 2021 TBD

Residency and Portrait Concert, Michigan State University

    Works: Chesapeake Clementine and Cumberland Pilgrimage with Zenith Reed Quintet | (New Work) with Hypotenuse Trio, WORLD                        PREMIERE | Filtered Sunlight, version for clarinet and piano, WORLD PREMIERE

    Date/Time: Spring 2021 (TBD)

Flat Rock Vista for piano

    Marianne Parker, piano

    Performed alongside companion works from the NewMusicShelf Anthology of New Music: Solo Piano, Vol. 1 (link here)

    Date/Time: January 2021

    Location: National Opera Center, New York City

Me speaking at the premiere of Symphony No. 1 "Nightlife"

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Joseph Foster Harkins