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Mosaic Tundra

Composed 2018


    solo bass clarinet

Duration 6'


    I. Taiga Caravan

    II. Tundra

    III. Taiga Caravan (reprise)

Composed for

    Mikey Arbulu and the compilation                disc Polychrome on Centaur Records 

Performed by

    Mikey Arbulu

    Appears on the Centaur Records release Polychrome:                Unaccompanied Solos for Flute and Clarinet (catalog              #3717)


Program Notes

    Northern Canada and Russia consist of two primary bands of ecological significance before the icy Arctic circle - the Taiga Belt, and the Tundra. The tundra of course is familiar enough - not much grows or lives in this region due to extremes in climate and temperature. However what does grow, moss and small ferns and the like, covers most of the ground, and crunches when trampled. The place is empty, mostly barren, and with few exceptions, is practically uninhabitable to fauna. The Taiga belt, by comparison, is dominated by untouched coniferous trees and diverse types of animal life such as bears and foxes. The trees are so plentiful, in fact, that over half of Earth's evergreen forests make up this region, which also produces the majority of Earth's oxygen. Also known as Boreal Forest, the Taiga is an immensely important facet of the planet's ecology and sustainability.

    Mosaic Tundra is a brief solo excursion through these two regions, moving through a portion of the taiga and into a view of the vast, open tundra. A final view of the taiga closes the work. The term mosaic is used to represent the surprising diversity in these regions, which consist of a primary defining characteristic. The music itself reflects this, consisting of a primary cohesive motif that is varied within its own rigorous constraints.

    Mosaic Tundra was composed for clarinetist Mikey Arbulu as part of a recording initiative with colleagues at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music.


- March 13 2018

Performance History

    06/10/2019 - Fresh Inc Festival, University of Wisconsin-Parkside | Luke Ellard, bass clarinet

    10/22/2018 - University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music | Alexandra Doyle, bass clarinet

Video - Performed by Alexandra Doyle

Joseph Foster Harkins


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