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Leaf Vortex

Composed 2020


    soprano saxophone

Duration 5'

Commissioned by

    Peabody Institute Virtual Residencies for                Ryan Muncy

Program Notes

    A pile of leaves can be rather fascinating when looked at from the right angle. With assorted autumn colors creating bands in the pile, geometric lines of innumerable variety swirl in constant conflict. We may be following upward stairs, downward spirals, dots of color, or any potential possibility with the great variety of leaves. I imagine these leaves coalescing in a vortex, energy coursing through these lines, an incredible display of autumnal vitality that makes the season so wonderful and memorable.

    Leaf Vortex was written expressly for Ryan Muncy as part of the Peabody Institute’s 2020 Virtual Residencies in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Though the world began to slow, the seasons continued their established schedule, reminding us of how essential the stability (and instability) of the natural world is to our own well-being.

October 28 2020

Joseph Foster Harkins


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