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Golden Fields of Air's Perspective

Composed 2018


    clarinet in A




Duration 8'

Commissioned by


Performed by

    Andrew Compton, clarinet | Holly Nelson,      violin | Nick Zhao, violoncello | Fabio              Menchetti, piano

Program Notes

    When I moved to Cincinnati, the length of time to visit home (Central Pennsylvania) increased enough to make flying a much more convenient option. The first of these trips was to visit old friends from my alma mater in West Chester, near Philadelphia. My flight there was rather early in the morning, and luckily there was minimal cloud cover and a very bright sun illuminating the sky. As the plane gained altitude the fragmentary landscape of Ohio unfolded beneath us. I was taken aback by what I saw – the landscape was outlined with lines of trees and access roads, and the fields they bordered shimmered and glistened with the morning sun. This stretched in every direction to the horizon, and this awesome sight instantly compelled a musical response via a bright polychord in the upper register of the piano, imitating this shimmering effect. Cadenza-like responses from the other three instruments comment on the angular, blinding colors radiating from this chord, and the piece unfolds the morning scene that was so impressed into my mind, complete with heralding birds.

    I will always love my native state, but Ohio still has beautiful surprises to unfold.


- January 6 2018

Performance History

    02/15/2019 - Queen City Composer Collective Debut, Leapin' Lizard, Covington, KY | Unheard-of//Ensemble

    10/22/2018 - University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music

                         Andrew Compton, clarinet | Holly Nelson, violin | Nick Zhao, violoncello | Fabio Menchetti, piano

    02/28/2018 - University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music | Unheard-of//Ensemble

Joseph Foster Harkins


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