Gentle Rainbows

Composed 2020



Duration 3'

Commissioned by

    2020 Online Cortona Sessions for New Music

    for Jessica Schury

Performed by

    Jessica Schury, flute

Program Notes

Luminous cascades of primary colors, one strong and the other sympathetic, bring the eyes up to the sky where rain had just fallen from. The smell of damp grass and fresh rain captivate the senses while birds emerge and resume their playful song. A few drops, late to the party, still come forth from the passing clouds. The sun wakes from slumber, christening the landscape with warmth and brilliant rays of light. Above all, the air is no longer saturated with moisture, but with calm – rainbows emerge in the shimmering sky.

August 14 2020

Performance History

    08/19/2020 - Online Cortona Sessions for New Music

                          Jessica Schury, flute

Joseph Foster Harkins