Fog, Smog, and Smoke

Composed 2018


    solo horn

Duration 6'

Composed for

    Marina Krol


  • Fog, Smog, and Smoke for horn
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  • NotePerformer3 Realization
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Program Notes

    Another of a series of pieces focused on Cove Mountain, a sanctuary while I was living in Pennsylvania during the first years of my life, Fog, Smog, and Smoke relates a specific event while I was on the mountain. I reached my perch one morning to find fog had hidden all else from me. The river was below, and I could see Duncannon barely, but all else and the horizon was hidden from view. In all that mist, created by elements containing the beauties of confusion and distortion, I detected a sort of clarity in myself, an isolation from the world that felt strong, and independent, in its own way. Fog, Smog, and Smoke was composed for horn player extraordinaire Marina Krol in November of 2018.

December 5 2018

Performance History

    04/02/2019 - University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music | Eleni Giorgiadis, horn

Joseph Foster Harkins