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Filtered Sunlight

Composed 2020




Duration 8'

Commissioned by

    Katherine Needleman for her Saturday morning      recital series at Baltimore's An Die Musik

Filtered Sunlight - NotePerformer3 realizationJoseph Foster Harkins

Program Notes

    Filtered Sunlight seeks to capture the atmosphere and mood of a particularly sunny morning, where we are calmly studying the world outside the nearest window, coffee in hand. We allow our upcoming events and plans for the day to swirl amidst our ongoing concerns and worries, and perhaps a few interruptions from our established train of thought appear as well. The outside sun is warm and inviting, and the rays dance through the window in kaleidoscopic fashion.

    Filtered Sunlight was commissioned by Katherine Needleman for her Saturday morning recital series at Baltimore’s An Die Musik, premiering in April 2020.

February 26, 2020

Joseph Foster Harkins


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