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Filtered Sunlight | 8'

Instrumentation oboe and piano

commissioned by Katherine Needleman

From the Coffee Table | 8'

Instrumentation solo violoncello

commissioned by Nick Zhao

Interlude in White Static | 6'

Instrumentation violin, bass clarinet, and piano

commissioned by the Oasi Trio

Internal Centrifuge | 12'

Instrumentation solo oboe

commissioned by Brian Lyons


Space and Proportion | 6'

Instrumentation bass clarinet and marimba

commissioned by the 2020 RED NOTE New Music Festival for Transient Canvas

Asteroid | 5'

Instrumentation piano

commissioned by Michael Delfin as part of a collaborative evening-length work with the Queen City Composer Collective

From the World's End | 12'

Instrumentation soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, trumpet, and trombone

commissioned by Alex Meltzer

Barry Owes Large | 3'

Instrumentation solo violin

commissioned by Holly Nelson

Chesapeake Clementine | 7'

Instrumentation reed quintet

commissioned by the Steven R. Gerber Trust for the 2019 Fresh Inc Festival

Cumberland Pilgrimage | 21'

Instrumentation reed quintet and two percussionists

commissioned by Andrew Compton

Taking Command | 6'

Instrumentation solo trumpet

commissioned by Armida Rivera

Breathing Octane | 8'

Instrumentation bass clarinet and drum set

commissioned by Pie for Two: Corinne Klemenc and Brandon Dodge


Vital Lightning | 3'

Instrumentation trombone choir

commissioned by Tyler Simms and the UC College-Conservatory of Music Trombone Choir

Fog, Smog, and Smoke | 6'

Instrumentation solo horn

composed for Marina Krol

Climbing Cove Mountain | 4'

Instrumentation solo flute

composed for Elizabeth Darling

Suspended Sandstones, 5 Snapshots of Red River Gorge | 10'

Instrumentation clarinet/bass clarinet, violin, and percussion

composed for F-Plus

Mountain Streams of Consciousness | 13'

Instrumentation flute/piccolo and percussion

commissioned by Carly and Micheal Barnes

Cavern | 12'

Instrumentation saxophone quartet

composed for the Rhine Saxophone Quartet

A Purse of Spaghetti | 3'

Instrumentation solo piano

commissioned by James Anemone

Joy and Euphoria | 7'

Instrumentation woodwind octet

commissioned by Brian Norcross and the Franklin & Marshall College Philharmonia

Mosaic Tundra | 6'

Instrumentation solo bass clarinet

composed for Mikey Arbulu

Included on the Centaur Records compilation disc Polychrome (upcoming release, Fall 2019)

Golden Fields of Air's Perspective | 8'

Instrumentation clarinet, violin, violoncello, and piano

composed for Unheard-Of//Ensemble


Piano Sonatina No. 3 | 11'

commissioned by James Anemone


Bright Sonata | 14'

Instrumentation alto saxophone and piano

commissioned by Matthew Amato | revisions for Garrett and Christina George

Passion and Remembrance | 8'

Instrumentation brass octet

composed for the West Chester University New Music Ensemble

Piano Sonatina No. 2 | 9'

commissioned by James Anemone

Piano Sonatina No. 1 | 7'

commissioned by James Anemone

The Execution of Anne Boleyn | 7'

Instrumentation clarinet, soprano, and piano

composed for the West Chester University New Music Ensemble

Joseph Foster Harkins