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Composed 2021



Duration 5'

Commissioned by

    Michael Delfin

Performed by

    Michael Delfin

Program Notes

    Never underestimate the power of a fast-flying ball of rock, no matter the size. The small ones strike when you least expect it – the large ones, well, they bring certain destruction. There’s not enough time for indecision, or uncertainty, when the rocks swirling around you carry all the energy in the place. Occasionally we don’t even get to the other side, having been dealt a feast of ice, metals, and space dust. However, these raw materials might also yield vital information on how our world and the worlds around us came to be – some hypothesize water was introduced to Earth by a rogue asteroid. Perhaps we can introduce water to the conclusion of these virtuosic calisthenics!

    Asteroid was commissioned by and warmly composed for pianist Michael Delfin as part of an evening-length collaborative program with the Queen City Composer Collective in the Fall of 2021.

November 10 2021

Performance History

    10/28/2022 - University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music

                         Michael Delfin, piano

Joseph Foster Harkins


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